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Coquina Systems to Deliver Hitachi Vantara Midrange Storage Services

Coquina Systems has a long history with Hitachi Data Systems and now Hitachi Vantara. The company is pleased to provide professional services specifically for Hitachi Vantara midrange storage solutions for Hitachi Vantara partners. This fills a need for Hitachi Vantara as the company is looking to accelerate adoption for this class of storage for its channel. Coquina Systems will provide certified engineers for design, integration, and implementation services for Hitachi Vantara partners to deliver to their clients.

Our goal at Coquina Systems is to not only support but also help increase Hitachi Vantara partners’ midrange solution sales by providing the best customer experience with services that are easy to sell and deliver. The team is excited to partner with Hitachi by delivering expertise in the field on behalf of Hitachi’s partner community.

Coquina Systems will bring immediate value to partners with quick turnaround times for initial statements of work and offer the ability to white label services as the partners’ own. Partners will benefit from potential enhanced margin opportunities when working directly with Coquina Systems. Coquina already employs a significant bench of Hitachi Vantara-certified consultants with extensive experience in supporting midrange solutions, including the Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E-series portfolio.

Coquina Systems has been partnering with VION’s services organization with skilled professional services resources for several years. Jeff Henry, president of VION had this to say about Coquina and, specifically, their Hitachi-certified resources, “We are confident in all the services provided by Coquina Systems because they are highly skilled and certified. Their breadth of expertise has broadened our services capabilities and this partnership has substantially increased our services revenue. We look forward to expanding our partnership to include services for the new Hitachi midrange platform.”

Ask us about our Hitachi Vantara services with a strong focus on midrange solutions, but also including enterprise storage, data analytics and IoT services.

Increased Importance and Demand for Cyber Risk and Security Services

By the end of 2020, security services are expected to account for 50% of cybersecurity budgets according to Gartner’s cyber security mid-year snapshot report.  This combined with the fact that cybersecurity has become even more important with the massive growth in digital business and the massive shift to remote work, makes it a high priority for our partners. From assessments to health checks, Coquina Systems has an extensive network of credentialed professionals to evaluate the risk and security readiness of our partners’ clients.

Compliance and Risk Readiness Assessments

Assessing risk and evaluating how prepared an organization will be in the event of an attack is paramount. Our teams work with key stakeholders to conduct workshops, inventory systems, policies, procedures and controls including existing security capabilities, data protection capabilities and access controls to make recommendations and prepare for security solution implementations.

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Cyber Resiliency and Remote Access Assessments

Minimize the business impact of cyber-attack by recovering quickly with an orchestrated resilience approach. Our cyber resiliency services look at the immediate temporary restoration of critical cyber functions so that a business can survive an attack, breach or disaster. Security-certified professionals identify security and compliance requirements and desired business outcomes in conjunction with our partners while serving their clients. Other key deliverables include risk assessments, regulatory requirement management, business capability mapping, role-based access control (RBAC) and document role mapping as well as a host of remote work/access policy reviews and assessments.

Enterprise Security Health Check

In order to identify whether an enterprise is at risk of attack from the outside, as well as identify internal infrastructure risks from an insider threat, a series of comprehensive technical security analyses as well as a policy and configuration reviews must be performed to measure, document, and validate an enterprise’s risk management strategy. Coquina Systems brings its partners a comprehensive set of health check services, including the review of enterprise security architecture and existing artifacts, key stakeholders roles and qualifications, definition, alignment and harmonization across functions. Some key deliverables include security assessment reports with scoring, enterprise control matrices, Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM), timelines, and roadmaps.

Endpoint Security and Malware Readiness

Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks. Our readiness services include helping enterprises understand preparedness for detection and action if an end-point is infected or compromised as well as developing a comprehensive plan to protect systems against an exfiltration, malware threat and to maintain business continuity.

We offer services that are in high demand by our solution providers and their clients. Cyber risk and security are among many IT services we offer to help drive their success. Check out our entire blog series on these top services from Coquina Systems.

Digital Business Growth Fuels the Need for Networking and Wireless Services

Networking and wireless implementations have become even more important with the continued growth in digital business and the massive shift to remote work. From assessments to deployments and migration, Coquina Systems has an extensive network of credentialed professionals to deliver successful networking and wireless services to the clients of our solution provider partners.

IDC estimates there will be 48.9 billion connected devices in use around the world by 2023 and the 2018 Cisco Complete VNI Forecast predicts that the average amount of data consumed across a network will be almost 60 GB per personal computer per month. With this rapid growth in digital business fueling the need for networked innovations, networking services are in higher demand than ever.

Managed Services

Coquina Systems offers our solution partners a range of managed services from basic 7/24 monitoring and alerts to full management, including change management, performance and capacity services. Why would an enterprise want networking as a service? Managed services provide proactive maintenance, enhanced security, always optimized systems and increased levels of uptime to name a few of the benefits.

In addition, 24/7 management ensures an organization is taking the appropriate steps to protect its network with firmware and software updates that positively impact performance and monitoring capacity. Our managed service helps improve how well an organization is prepared to detect and act if a network component is impacting the enterprise.

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Wireless Assessment

A wireless assessment is necessary to uncover specific configurations or components that are affecting overall performance an enterprise’s system and will provide insight into what is required to remediate challenges and improve system health. Our team conducts wireless assessments to determine the number of WAP’s, range and deployment architecture. Our services ensure that solution providers get a holistic picture of their clients’ networks.

Deployment and Migration

Deployment and migration services cover a wide range of technologies, including networking, wireless and firewall solutions. Our highly certified teams start with assessment and planning services that identify security and compliance requirements, assess and develop access policies as well as set expectations for business outcomes. This aids in successful deployments and migrations. Other key components include reviewing architecture and existing artifacts and planning for migration from source to target environments. Our team delivers key assets to drive to successful outcomes: Some valuable deliverables provided include new and updated topology maps and Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for migrations.

We offer services that are in high demand by our solution providers and their clients. Networking and wireless services are among many IT services we offer to help drive their success. Check out our entire blog series on these top services from Coquina Systems.