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Digital Business Growth Fuels the Need for Networking and Wireless Services

Networking and wireless implementations have become even more important with the continued growth in digital business and the massive shift to remote work. From assessments to deployments and migration, Coquina Systems has an extensive network of credentialed professionals to deliver successful networking and wireless services to the clients of our solution provider partners.

IDC estimates there will be 48.9 billion connected devices in use around the world by 2023 and the 2018 Cisco Complete VNI Forecast predicts that the average amount of data consumed across a network will be almost 60 GB per personal computer per month. With this rapid growth in digital business fueling the need for networked innovations, networking services are in higher demand than ever.

Managed Services

Coquina Systems offers our solution partners a range of managed services from basic 7/24 monitoring and alerts to full management, including change management, performance and capacity services. Why would an enterprise want networking as a service? Managed services provide proactive maintenance, enhanced security, always optimized systems and increased levels of uptime to name a few of the benefits.

In addition, 24/7 management ensures an organization is taking the appropriate steps to protect its network with firmware and software updates that positively impact performance and monitoring capacity. Our managed service helps improve how well an organization is prepared to detect and act if a network component is impacting the enterprise.

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Wireless Assessment

A wireless assessment is necessary to uncover specific configurations or components that are affecting overall performance an enterprise’s system and will provide insight into what is required to remediate challenges and improve system health. Our team conducts wireless assessments to determine the number of WAP’s, range and deployment architecture. Our services ensure that solution providers get a holistic picture of their clients’ networks.

Deployment and Migration

Deployment and migration services cover a wide range of technologies, including networking, wireless and firewall solutions. Our highly certified teams start with assessment and planning services that identify security and compliance requirements, assess and develop access policies as well as set expectations for business outcomes. This aids in successful deployments and migrations. Other key components include reviewing architecture and existing artifacts and planning for migration from source to target environments. Our team delivers key assets to drive to successful outcomes: Some valuable deliverables provided include new and updated topology maps and Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for migrations.

We offer services that are in high demand by our solution providers and their clients. Networking and wireless services are among many IT services we offer to help drive their success. Check out our entire blog series on these top services from Coquina Systems.

How to Capitalize on What’s Hot in IT Services

I’m excited to bring you a five-part blog series with short articles about specific IT services that are hot in the technology space today. These five services are in high demand according to our solution provider partners and what they are seeing in the market. Coquina Systems delivers services professionals with the highest credentials — including hundreds of vendor certifications — to support our partners’ requirements in these key categories and beyond.

VMware Services

Services in high demand to support both Cloud Foundation and on-premise VMware implementations include technology upgrades, hybrid cloud services, cost management administration and application modernization to name a few. Coquina Systems is proud to have a bench of VMware-certified Master Consultants in Cloud Foundation to provide all key VMware services that are being requested by your clients.

Splunk TCO and ROI Services

Splunk is everywhere – it’s used by 92 of Fortune 100 companies! Collaboration with Coquina System’s industry experts can help maximize any client’s investment in Splunk through insightful and data driven process, customized to their business. We offer support for a variety of Splunk pre-built solutions like Splunk SE, SEIM, and other market leading solutions. Learn more in our upcoming blog about Splunk.

Data Migration Services

“83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules,” according to Gartner. We all know data migration is a constant challenge for organizations of all sizes. Implementing a services strategy helps minimize the risks associated with migrating a client’s data. We provide a full suite of services from technology refresh to data center consolidation to cloud migrations, including expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud using our own Service Orchestrator software IP to track/manage/report/track the projects progress.

Networking and Wireless Services

Networking and wireless implementations have become even more important with the massive shift to remote work. From assessments to deployments and migration, Coquina Systems has an extensive network of credentialed professionals to deliver successful networking and wireless services. Our offering also includes a range of managed services from basic 7×24 monitoring and alerts to change management, performance and capacity services.

 Cyber Risk and Security Services

Security and compliance start with prevention. Coquina Systems offers a variety of up-front assessments to determine overall risk and make recommendations for robust security implementations, including compliance and risk readiness along with endpoint security, penetration testing and malware readiness assessments. In addition, we offer cyber resiliency services to look at the immediate temporary restoration of critical cyber functions so that a business can survive an attack, breach or disaster.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of these high-demand technology services that will help increase revenue, margins and stickiness with your customers, check out our upcoming five-part blog series detailing each of these services.