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The Top Three: Services in Highest Demand

There is good news! Amid the slowing economy and trade challenges we are currently experiencing, in a mid-February report, IDC predicts worldwide spending on information and communications technology (ICT) will be $4.3 trillion in 2020, an increase of 3.6% over 2019. Much of this includes IT services along with hardware and software expenditures with over half being spent in the commercial and public sector spaces.

At Coquina Systems, we work with solution providers every day who are sharing the needs of their enterprise and mid-sized customers. We gain key insights across geographic and vertical markets based on the wide range of partners we work with across the country. Our data shows the top services being requested as organizations continue to embark on their digital transformation journeys.

The author of the IDC report, Serena Da Rold goes on to say, “On the upside, our surveys indicate a strong focus on customer experience and on creating innovative products and services driving new ICT investments. Companies and organizations across industries are shifting gears in their digital transformation process, investing in cloud, mobility, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, and increasingly in DevOps and edge computing, to transform their business processes.”

All of this new innovation requires three key services that build the foundation of a company’s infrastructure – whether on premise or in the cloud. These are the top three areas we are seeing a surge in requests for professional services.

Networking and Wireless

Organizations are looking for strategic direction and to increase efficiencies with their networking and wireless technologies. Services that include assessment, deployment, migration and even managed services for networking solutions are key to moving forward successfully.

Data Migration Services

As we all continue to migrate to remote working scenarios and move data to the cloud, organizations still require technology refresh services, data center consolidation, and – of course – cloud and application migration. The complexity of these activities is increasing, so an efficient and effective data migration plan is paramount.

Cyber Risk and Security Services

Security has always been a top priority for enterprises; however, the pandemic has heightened the need for security to new levels. Online threats have risen by as much as six-times their usual levels over the past four weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic provides new ballast for cyber-attacks, according to Cloudflare. As a result, services like cyber resiliency and remote access assessments, enterprise security health checks, compliance and risk readiness assessments, and endpoint security and malware readiness are in high demand. 

What services are you seeing customers request? What services are you delivering that are helping you gain a competitive advantage today? We’d love to hear from you at