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Coquina Systems Earns VMware Master Services Competency

Coquina Systems continues to invest in our professional services teams to support the solution provider community. Case in point, our VMware team has just surpassed an important milestone by achieving VMware Master Services Competency in Data Center Virtualization (DCV).

Coquina Systems will soon earn Master Services Competency in the remaining VMware designations, including Cloud Management Automation, Network Virtualization and Digital Workspace focused on VMware WorkspaceONE and VMware Horizon environments. Our team prioritizes offering the leading VMware technologies that require expert skills to deploy and manage VMware environments today.

The Coquina Systems team has over 200 certifications across the entire spectrum of VMware technologies. These certifications allow our partners the ability to assure customers that their VMware services are delivered by a team with the highest product solutions and services certifications in the industry.

Each Master Services Competency listed below requires advanced technical certifications and proof of high-level service capability and expertise validated by customers.

• Data Center Virtualization – expertise in VMware vSphere® environments and real-world environment solutions and services delivery. Achieving this competency validates a deep understanding of data center virtualization design principles and methodologies and leverages best practices that provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform.

• Cloud Management and Automation – expertise in VMware cloud management and automation solutions and service delivery. Achieving this competency validates a deep understanding of cloud management design principles and methodologies and leverages best practices that provide a scalable and reliable platform.

• Digital Workspace – expertise in VMware WorkspaceONE and VMware Horizon environments and services delivery. Achieving this competency validates a deep technical understanding and ability to architect, design and deliver professional services projects related to desktop virtualization, mobile device management, unified endpoint management, app identify and access management.

• Network Virtualization – expertise in the VMware NSX environment and services delivery. NSX delivers a unique networking model that forms the foundation of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Achieving this competency validates the ability to deploy and optimize NSX environments, as well as possession of the knowledge and skills to leverage best practices for providing scalable and reliable virtualized networks.

• VMware Cloud on AWS – expertise in the delivery of hybrid cloud solutions based on VMware Cloud on AWS. Achieving this competency validates the capability to deploy integrated cloud solutions that deliver on-demand services enabling customers to run applications across a VMware Cloud Infrastructure environment with access to a broad range of AWS services.

• Cloud Native (available in Spring 2020) – expertise to set up, run and manage VMware Modern Application solutions. Achieving this competency validates a deep understanding of Kubernetes administration core concepts and proficiency in networking, security and application lifecycle management ensuring continuous delivery of applications on Kubernetes-based platforms.

These VMware competencies demonstrate Coquina Systems’ commitment to helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging their validated services delivery capabilities via solution partners around advanced VMware technologies.

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Increased Importance and Demand for Cyber Risk and Security Services

By the end of 2020, security services are expected to account for 50% of cybersecurity budgets according to Gartner’s cyber security mid-year snapshot report.  This combined with the fact that cybersecurity has become even more important with the massive growth in digital business and the massive shift to remote work, makes it a high priority for our partners. From assessments to health checks, Coquina Systems has an extensive network of credentialed professionals to evaluate the risk and security readiness of our partners’ clients.

Compliance and Risk Readiness Assessments

Assessing risk and evaluating how prepared an organization will be in the event of an attack is paramount. Our teams work with key stakeholders to conduct workshops, inventory systems, policies, procedures and controls including existing security capabilities, data protection capabilities and access controls to make recommendations and prepare for security solution implementations.

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Cyber Resiliency and Remote Access Assessments

Minimize the business impact of cyber-attack by recovering quickly with an orchestrated resilience approach. Our cyber resiliency services look at the immediate temporary restoration of critical cyber functions so that a business can survive an attack, breach or disaster. Security-certified professionals identify security and compliance requirements and desired business outcomes in conjunction with our partners while serving their clients. Other key deliverables include risk assessments, regulatory requirement management, business capability mapping, role-based access control (RBAC) and document role mapping as well as a host of remote work/access policy reviews and assessments.

Enterprise Security Health Check

In order to identify whether an enterprise is at risk of attack from the outside, as well as identify internal infrastructure risks from an insider threat, a series of comprehensive technical security analyses as well as a policy and configuration reviews must be performed to measure, document, and validate an enterprise’s risk management strategy. Coquina Systems brings its partners a comprehensive set of health check services, including the review of enterprise security architecture and existing artifacts, key stakeholders roles and qualifications, definition, alignment and harmonization across functions. Some key deliverables include security assessment reports with scoring, enterprise control matrices, Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM), timelines, and roadmaps.

Endpoint Security and Malware Readiness

Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks. Our readiness services include helping enterprises understand preparedness for detection and action if an end-point is infected or compromised as well as developing a comprehensive plan to protect systems against an exfiltration, malware threat and to maintain business continuity.

We offer services that are in high demand by our solution providers and their clients. Cyber risk and security are among many IT services we offer to help drive their success. Check out our entire blog series on these top services from Coquina Systems.